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Do You Need a Dental Filling?

When you develop tooth decay, Dr. Isaac Qureshi at Smiles of Elgin Dental Care removes the decayed part of the tooth and uses restorative material to fill it in. This is called a dental filling. Some people are unclear of what this means and ask Dr. Isaac Qureshi “Do I Need a dental filling?” If a person find out that they have a cavity.

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Thinking to Get Dental Implants

As much as possible if  every one would want to control on to the health of every tooth in the mouth, it is not possible to do that. Every person can lose his tooth or teeth for a count of reasons, and when he does, a replacement is in order.

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How to Maintain Family Dental Care and Wellness

Everyone in a household, from children to adults, must follow some primary rules of oral care so that their teeth remain in a balanced situation. For example, brushing the teeth at least twice daily is a must for every family member. Those who neglect this rule will eventually face the consequences later in their lives.

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Tips for Adult Dental Care

Have you ever began to notice that over time your teeth begin to become more sensitive, soft, or even a little darker? As your body grows old, your body as well as your teeth begin to change.

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A Spotlight on Preventive Care

When it comes to your oral health, professional teeth cleaning is a must. At Smiles of Elgin, we recommend that patients who normally don’t have any pressing dental concerns visit us every six months for professional cleanings and preventive care.

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