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Composite Tooth Fillings

Composite tooth fillings involve using composite quartz resin fillings instead of the more traditional metal based amalgam fillings. The material that makes up composite fillings, commonly known as white fillings, also normally contains some type of agent that is sensitive to light. We use the light to dry the composite fillings quickly. These cosmetic fillings for your teeth are able to be bonded quickly into place. For this reason, composite fillings are also commonly called dental bondings.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing composite tooth filling:
The material used contains only particles of glass and acrylic resins. There is no chance of developing mercury poisoning.
They do not last quite as long as traditional, metal based amalgam fillings, but they are every bit as strong.
Because they are white, composite fillings match your natural teeth coloring far better than metal based fillings which are silver. So, when you show your teeth when you smile, they will actually be white!
Composite fillings produced less stress than do amalgam fillings on your teeth.

Elgin Composite Tooth Fillings
Your trusted Elgin dentist uses a high-intensity light to put on your composite fillings, the material used remains soft and pliable until the light is shined. This means that the filling will be shaped correctly on your tooth before hardening it. Additionally, using light to queue on the composite filling material makes the filling less likely to fade and color over time. And further, your new composite fillings are able to be used for chilling almost immediately.

Composite fillings are more resistant to temperature changes than are amalgam fillings. Because amalgam fillings contract and expand with temperature differences, they are likely to make your teeth crack over time. Composite fillings actually insulate your real teeth and add extra structural support.
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