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Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can prove problematic with chewing, teeth movement, periodontal disease, speech difficulties, an increase in tooth decay and also a difference in appearance. When a problem such as this occurs dental bridges can be fixed into a person’s mouth that can help to improve these complications.

Porcelain fixed dental bridges are similar to dentures or implant only they are set into place within the mouth and cannot be removed, there are several types of dental bridges and these are cantilever, resin bonded and fixed bridges.

Elgin Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges

To ascertain whether a dental bridge procedure and treatment needs to be done, a dentist will assess a person’s mouth and talk to them about the best course of action. If the person agrees to the procedure then the dentist will advise them on the materials that can be used by the dental laboratory for the restoration process.

The materials used will also depend on which part of the mouth that needs the procedure, whether teeth grinding is done, whether dental insurance can cover the procedure, and any other underlying factors that the dentist will address. Impressions, preoperative photographs and x rays will be done before the process starts to determine which area will need the dental bridge and treatment procedure.

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