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Root Canal Retreatment

In some cases (even though rarely), root canal therapy fails to work as expected. The treated tooth might not heal properly or a patient might experience post-surgical complications that jeopardize the tooth. Root canal retreatment is almost identical to the original procedure, aside from the structural removal. The success rate for a root canal retreatment runs at around 75%.

Opting for root canal retreatment can be far less expensive than the alternatives. Dental implants, extensive bridgework and the creation of aesthetically pleasing prosthetic teeth cost far more than working with the natural tooth. They also require maintenance and feel less natural than a “real” tooth, which is why root canal retreatment is the best solution.

Why is root canal retreatment required?

The fact is that the root canal retreatment is fairly simple. In general, the whole treatment can be completed in 1-3 visits.

There are many reasons why root canal therapy unexpectedly fails, including:

– Cracked crown leaking filling material.

– Curved or narrow canals not treated during the original procedure.

– Delay in the placement of restorative devices following the procedure.

– New decay to the tooth.

– New fracture in the treated tooth.

– Saliva entering the restorative structure.

– Undetected complex canal structures.

Elgin Root Canal Retreatment

On the day of the retreatment procedure a local anesthetic will be administered. The affected tooth is isolated with a rubber dam to protect the tooth during the treatment. The first step in a root canal retreatment is to gain access to the inner tooth. Then the filling material and obstructions that block the root canals will be removed. Tiny instruments will then be used to clean and reshape the root canals.

When the dentist is confident that the root canals are completely clean, gutta-percha is used to pack the space just like during the first treatment. This rubbery material seals the canals to prevent bacterial invasion. Finally, a temporary crown or filling is applied to tooth and with this the tooth is completelly restored.

If you have any questions or concerns about root canal retreatment, please ask your dentist.

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