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Pocket Irrigation

Pocket irrigation can assist in treating the progression of the periodontal disease as additional treatment. Pocket irrigation aims to clean the plaque from the interdental and subgingival regions of the mouth. This will prevent the bacteria from colonizing. This procedure is also used to place antibacterial agents to the subgingival areas.

Reasons for pocket irrigation

Pocket irrigation is a dental treatment used for different preventative purposes. It can be performed as part of a professional dental cleaning, or at home with a specially modified oral irrigator.

These are the main ways in which pocket irrigation can be beneficial and helpful:

Interdental cleaning – Pocket irrigators remove plaque, food debris and other accumulations from between the teeth. This will help gum tissue to remain healthy.

Halitosis prevention – Halitosis or bad breath is generally a result of old food particles between the teeth, and tooth decay. A toothbrush may not be able to reach deep into the gum pockets, but water jets can flush out food particles and help clean above and below the gumline.

Subgingival cleaning – Pocket irrigators have a rounded tip which eliminates the risk of tissue damage while cleaning under the gumline.

Antimicrobial application – Antimicrobial substances have proven effective for eliminating and preventing some strains of harmful oral bacteria.

What does pocket irrigation treatment involve?

Pocket irrigation is usually performed in combination with other dental treatments – as part of a professional dental cleaning for example.

During a deep cleaning procedure, a pocket irrigator may be used after scaling and root planing to clean the pockets.  Again, an antimicrobial agent can be applied to help reduce subgingival oral bacteria and to sustain oral health after the procedure.

Pocket irrigation can also be performed at home as part of the daily oral routine using a water jet or water pick.  However, do not stop having regular dental cleanings since these are crucial for your oral health.

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