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The treatment of periodontal disease consists of surgical and non surgical measures. This, however, depends on the level and advancement of the periodontal disease and the overall condition of the present teeth, bone, gums and jaws. Full periodontal exam will be given before any treatment and usually OPG (ortopantomogram) X-rays are taken to evaluate the state of the bone and tissues. Your Elgin dentist will recommend the treatment that will suit the best for your needs.

These are some of the treatment procedures:
Removal of plaque and calculus accumulations as the first step in periodontal therapy. It is also advisable to use 3% H2O at home to eliminate bacteria and heal the gums.
Scaling and root planing is also removal of plaque and calculus accumulations but in the pockets (subgingival accumulations) that cause irritation and inflammation of the periodontal tissues. The pockets will be cleaned and root scaled to clean out all the toxins and bacteria that were present and antibiotics will be applied. Mouth wash substance is also prescribed to help the healing process and eliminate the accumulation forming during the healing process.
Pocket elimination surgery also known as flap surgery is necessary when the gums and soft tissues have been severely damaged by the disease and is performed to reduce the pocket size. Surgery on the jawbone is one of the options as well to eliminate indentations in the bone.
Tissue regeneration can be encouraged after the severe damage to the soft tissues. The use of grafting procedures has proven to be very effective in tissue regeneration.
Dental implants are an option used when the teeth have been lost due to the periodontal disease. Tissue regeneration techniques might be necessary prior to the dental implant surgery to ensure enough bone and tissue which will hold the implant strong. With dental implants, function and esthetic appearance will be restored to the full.

Elgin Periodontal Disease Treatment
These are just some of the treatment options and you will discuss with your trusted Elgin dentists which one is the best solution in your particular case. It is important to start the treatment as soon as the diagnosis has been set and to follow the instructions given to you.

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