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Post-Treatment Care for Teeth Whitening

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Blog

teeth whitening procedure After a teeth whitening procedure, there are some things that you have to know to be able to maximize the whitening results and properly deal with the side effects of the procedure. Teeth whitening cost can be high so you want to be able to protect the expense that you made. Another thing you have to understand that there may be some things that you will encounter after your teeth whitening procedure and knowing how to deal with them is going to be important. Teeth Sensitivity: For the whitening process to happen, the pores open and activate. This makes the teeth sensitive so some pain and discomfort may be felt. Dosing with pain killers and applying desensitizing pastes and creams will relieve you of the pain, but everything should subside eventually. Teeth sensitivity is a common side effect, but is not permanent so do not worry. Tissue Irritation: The whitening agent is quite strong, especially the one used for chairside procedures, which explains the special handling required. Unfortunately, some of the gel may seep out of the protective isolation and irritate the tissues. When this happens, creams and oils can be applied to the affected area to soothe it. It may appear white and may even form blisters, but these will heal and go back to normal after awhile, so do not worry. Cleaning and Hygiene: Your hygiene practices will affect the prolonged outcome of your teeth whitening results. A clean smile is a beautiful smile, and when you always keep it clean, it will look whiter and lighter. A few days after the teeth whitening procedure, your teeth will still be susceptible because the pores are opened. Make sure to use a toothpaste that is white and stay away from colored mouthwashes. Diet: The food you will be eating after the teeth whitening procedure is going to affect the teeth whitening achieved with the procedure. The food you eat and the beverages you drink will discolour your teeth, especially during the first few days after the procedure, when the pores of your teeth are still open and quite active. Maintain a diet of very little artificial coloring and staining properties. Stay away from the likes of tomato sauce, soy sauce, curry sauce, coffee, tea and red wine. These substances have high staining properties, so avoiding the intake of such will help prolong the whitening results. Habits: There are some habits that you need to stay away from after you receive a teeth whitening procedure. Smoking is one of them because this awful habit stains and discolours teeth, wasting your efforts to whitening your teeth and beautifies your smile. Smoking ages teeth, making it look old and dirty. After a teeth whitening procedure, it will be best if you stay away from habits that will make matters worst. Maintenance: The teeth whitening results obtained from the procedure will vary but whether you opted for a chairside method or a simple take home procedure, you want to make the most of what you have spent for, so you should find a way to maintain and prolong the teeth whitening results. You can do this by staying away from food and habits that will stain and discolour your teeth; and you can also do this by taking a few doses of the whitening gel before all the results fade and the normal color of your teeth goes back.

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