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The proper way to take care of your dental implants

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Dental implants work and functions like natural teeth. However, as time passes by, crowns that are placed on top of the teeth become fragile due to many factors and thus, the infection may penetrate the gums and surrounding teeth. Filling your missing teeth with dental implants is a life-long commitment. It can only last for a long time along with proper dental hygiene. Normally, implants may last as long as 25 years if it is properly taken care of. Although dental implants can’t acquire cavities, they still require regular dental care. To keep your gums and teeth alongside your implant from getting infected, they should be taken care of like your other teeth. They need to brushed and flossed at least twice a day. Also, refrain from smoking to prevent crown from staining and develop gum disease. If oral hygiene is not properly taken care of, infection may start to spread along your mouth. This type of infection is referred to as Peri-implantitis. This infection may cause an inflammation of the surrounding gum tissues and if not treated immediately, will result in a possible bone loss. Most implant patients are not aware that they already have this since Peri-implantitis advances in a painless fashion. But once it has begun to develop, you may already feel the symptoms. To treat this disease, one may undergo surgery and bone grafting.

Observe Good Oral Hygiene Practices

After your dental implant procedure, you might observe that the area will be sensitive to brush. Your dentist may have to recommend using an anti-bacterial mouthwash to prevent plaque and cavity buildup. Once the crown has been attached to the implant post, you can start to brush your tooth regularly. Since the space between teeth can’t be accessed by a regular toothbrush, you can use an interdental brush to brush the surrounding areas of your teeth. Your dentist may also recommend you to use an antibacterial toothpaste which can help your implant stay healthy.

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