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Dental Exam

The importance of regular dental exams cannot be emphasized enough. They are essential in early detection of oral conditions. No matter how much you clean your teeth every day and maintain good oral hygiene, it is still important to have regular dental exams and cleanings at least once in every six months.

At a regular dental exam, your dentist and the dental staff will do the following:

  • Taking of dental x-rays and their examination – with x rays, your dentist will have the insight of the condition of the bone, the position of the teeth, presence of cysts, decay, tumors etc.
  • Gum disease evaluation – checking the gum and the bone for signs of the periodontal disease which is done by a periodontal probe and x rays.
  • Oral cancer screening – checking of the neck, face, tongue, gums and soft tissues for signs of abnormalities and growth which could be neoplastic.
  • Examining the existing tooth restorations – it is important to check the existing filling and crowns if they still fit properly and check for any possible secondary cavities (cavities around the present filling), their stability as well as the gum recession and gum inflammation due to the improper fillings.
  • Examining for the tooth decay – this is done by dental probes, all of the tooth’s surfaces must be checked and this is done for every tooth. Once the cavity has been detected, your dentist will inform you and suggest the treatment.

Early detection will make every treatment easier, less costly and more effective. This is especially important for oral cancer screenings. Like in any branch of medicine, prevention plays the key part in maintaining the good health, so it is like in dentistry.

Every problem you have can be solved without any complications only if it is detected in its early stages. Remember, most of the oral pathologies will not give any symptoms at the beginning, you will not even be aware of the situation.

Having a regular dental exam ensures that all the pathologies happening in your mouth can be detected and treated effectively. Our dental professional team will help you preserve and maintain your oral health. Call us now at 847-695-3368 to make an appointment.

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